Food Security and Land Claim

  • VICALP and HELP partnership began with an initiative in just 30 villages in 1997 and over more than 16 years it has spread itself into 150 village communities with wider and growing levels of collaboration and cooperation among communities and peoples.

  • This partnership has also helped the communities in collective and individual land claims by 5000 plus families and forest land entitlements of 10,000 plus acres of land by more than 3000 households in the districts of Gajapati and Kandhmal under land and forest land rights Acts.

  • The partnership has worked to enhance Food Security of the communities by developing 150 community grain-banks, vegetable gardens by 4700 small holding families, millet cultivation in 3000 plus acres of land, and fruits orchards in 53 villeges; and ensuring food-grain supply by 8 PDS outlets owned by women’s groups.

  • It has helped the communities to develop their land and put them into regular cultivation and use.